SkyTrak at Alresford G.C

We now have SkyTrak technology available for you to use here at Alresford G.C.

This is a full ball-flight monitor system - similar to TrackMan, FlightScope and GC2 - that gives very accurate information on shot distance, swing and ball speed, launch angles, spin rates and it projects full ball flight simulation onto the simulator screen.



It is therefore ideal for club fitting. We are now able to offer accurate club fitting sessions on the range, gapping sessions (do you know exactly how far all of your clubs really carry?) and we can also use the system where necessary in lessons.

STUDIO skytrak

Here is a list of services we can now offer here at the club:

  • Custom Fit
  • Lessons
  • Yardages
  • Bench Marking
  • Wedge Spin Rates
  • Gapping
  • Ball Fitting

Please contact the coaching team for more details.